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Bayview Admission

The Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) governs admissions to Bayview. Bayview is designated to meet the needs of adults requiring approximately three or more hours of care per day.

Admission to Bayview

Application for admission is made through the social services department of the CLSC in your area, which conducts an assessment. Relevant forms are forwarded to the Mécanisme d'Accès d'Hébergement (MAH), which determines if admission to Bayview is appropriate for the level of care required.

Fees in long-term care facilities are determined by the Ministry of Labour and Income Security. Fees are based on the type of housing provided and the income and/or assets of the person being housed and their spouse.

Consult the following brochures for more information about our center.
Milieu de Vie Brochure
Meals and Food Service Pamphlet
Care Support Brochure
Visitors Brochure
Free and Informed Consent Pamphlet
Resident Handbook

To schedule a visit, please contact our social worker at 514-695-9384, ext.268

For more information, contact us at: support@chsldbayview.com