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Bayview Center Description

CHSLD Bayview is a private long-term care facility, under contract with the Ministry of Health and Social Services. We offer the same services as a public facility but are privately owned and operated. Bayview is located in the West Island community of Montreal and serves as a residence allowing 128 adults who require assistance and support in their daily activities.

Our services are provided in a variety of settings.

Our services range from admission to end of life. We are designated as a facility providing services in English as well as offering bilingual services. Staffing ratios are in compliance with MSSS guidelines.

Bayview includes four care units, with one unit specifically designed for residents with cognitive deficits. The goal and vision of the prosthetic unit (3rd floor) is to provide a stimulating, safe, and non-restrictive living environment for residents living with dementia.

Bayview's prosthetic unit is designed to provide a safe and secure environment for residents living with dementia.

There are thirty-two residents per care unit and each unit includes the nurses' station, a dining room, shower/bathroom and common areas.

The rooms are private, with the exception of one semi-private room per unit. Each room is approximately 180 square feet (not including the washroom) and is equipped with a doorbell that connects directly to the nurses' station, an adapted bed, a desk, a nightstand and a bed table.

Residents are encouraged to give their rooms a personal touch.