27, ch. du Bord-du-Lac, Pointe-Claire, Québec, H9S 4H1
(514) 695-9384

Our values

At Bayview, WE CARE about people


Well-being: We act to keep everyone safe and to promote quality of life at work.  We work to manage risk and to learn from errors and undesirable events when they occur.

Excellence: We strive for excellence as a quality-oriented, resident-centered, long-term care residence. We work to continuously improve our service delivery methods.  


Commitment: We are committed to a job well done and to uphold our values in our daily actions.

Accountability: We take responsibility for our actions and work in a manner to ensure equity and fairness, honesty and transparency.

Respect: We respect each other – we acknowledge our differences; we collaborate our efforts and work in a spirit of cooperation and involvement. We respect the residents - we work to uphold their dignity, autonomy, individuality and to ensure respect of their rights. We respect the regulations in place that guide our actions and our work.

Empathy: We provide for the residents needs and activities of daily living in a manner that is caring and compassionate.  We are empathetic, considerate and attentive in our approach and interactions.