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Our Services


Clinical Nutrition and Food Service

Good nutrition plays an important role in the overall care and quality of life of residents at Bayview.  A complete nutritional assessment is done in the initial weeks of admission. Recommendations are made by the dietician for each resident regarding the most appropriate therapeutic diet, food texture or liquid consistency. Thereafter, a review of all nutritional care plans is done at least annually or ongoing as nutritional concerns arise.

The dietician, in collaboration with the Food Service department, has developed a balanced, seasonal and appetizing menu to ensure optimal nutrition care and hydration. Meals are served to residents in dining rooms located on each floor or in the resident’s room if preferred. Therapeutic and individual resident snacks are organized through the Clinical Nutrition Department and are served in the afternoon and/or evening. Light snacks are available at all times on each care unit. Food and beverages can be purchased in the cafeteria by staff, family members, visitors or residents. To contribute to the quality of life of the resident, family members are welcome to occasionally bring a favourite meal or snack.



The services of a mobile dentist are available to perform basic procedures at Bayview on a fee for service basis.



The housekeeping staff ensures that the building and residents' rooms are kept clean. In order to maintain cleanliness, boots or shoes must be removed at the front door during inclement weather.

Bayview is responsible for laundering linens, such as sheets and towels. Bayview also provides a free basic laundry service for residents' personal clothing. Please note that only machine washable and dryable clothing can be handled by our laundry service. Dry cleaned articles are the responsibility of the resident or family.

Residents' family members have the option to take care of the resident's personal laundry, but must sign a waiver, which is available at the Admissions Office.



Bayview has granted medical privileges to designated physicians who visit Bayview on a weekly basis and each has a responsibility for the residents assigned to their care.


Nursing Department

The Nursing Department strives to provide optimum care based on compassion and technical skills.  Each resident is approached as a unique individual who is supported by maintaining areas of independence for as long as possible, assisted when dependent and eventually supported at the end of life.  Nurses and paraprofessional staff work in collaboration with members of the multidisciplinary team and the family in order to achieve these goals.


Occupational Therapy

The aim of occupational therapy is to maintain an optimal level of comfort and autonomy for the resident.  An assessment is done by the occupational therapist regarding upper extremity function, posture, wheelchair needs, cognitive status and adaptive aids.  Occupational therapy interventions keep in mind the resident’s capacities in relation to their environment.



The goal of physiotherapy is to ensure resident safety while promoting mobility, functional autonomy and comfort. Upon admission, the safety needs are assessed followed by the development of a functional autonomy profile to further identify the needs and determine appropriate intervention. A Physical Readaptation Therapist (TRP) will provide regular treatment when prescribed by the Physician.
The physiotherapy department is involved with transfer assessments, ambulation program, bed mobility and positioning, fall injury prevention and exercise program.

Social Service

A social worker is available on a consultation basis for residents and/or their families who require support in coping with challenging life events or adaptation to Bayview.


Therapeutic Recreation

The goal of therapeutic recreation is to provide physical, cognitive and social activities that enhance the quality of life for the residents.  Each resident is assessed upon admission and a schedule of activities is arranged according to their ability, interests and needs. Activities are divided into two categories:  Open groups which have a social/entertainment aspect and target groups which are smaller and geared towards meeting the specific needs of individuals.