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Complaints and comments


are YOU dissatisfied with the services and wish to make a complaint?


C.H.S.L.D. Bayview acknowledges that all residents have the right to openly express their dissatisfaction with the care and services they have received or should have received. The resident and/or his/her legal representative are in the best position to know if his/her rights are being respected and needs are being met.

All complaints and concerns will be treated with respect, confidentiality and in a supportive manner. Bayview’s aim is to find a solution that will afford satisfaction to the resident.

Two options are available to you:

Internal Complaints Consultant

Mon - Fri 9:00 - 17:00

Mrs. Mona Beck

(514) 481-3089


Formal Complaints

Service Quality Complaints Commission (CIUSSS)





do you have any comments?

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